IT Lifecycle

The ever-changing world of new technology means that any piece of IT equipment has a term of useful life, we aim to make sure our customers are at the leading edge, keeping within their budgets.

From initial IT consultancy, for advice and guidance, on selecting the correct products, to additional services such as imaging so your new items are ready and configured out of the box Aries supports you every step of the way.

Card Punch Machine
Hard Drive

After delivery we can remove the redundant packaging and replaced equipment. This enables your IT department to get on with their day to day activities without interruption.

We are able to offer ongoing maintenance contracts for the duration of the products life which can be a real asset to any organisation as it provides peace of mind that if the technology fails for any reason you have the support you need when you need it.

Finally, at the end of the lifecycle when the unit needs to be decommissioned, we can offer full recycling services to ensure the unit is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and not dumped into landfill.

At whatever stage of the lifecycle you need assistance, Aries has got you covered.